my lemonade stand

lemon aid stand
No, REALLY I’m starting my own business. I’m super excited to expand and be able to get to people at any distance. What I want to do is actually simple. This process on the other hand seems so complex. I hear the Lord loud and clear,

“Don’t despise the process.”

I preach this all the time. It’s always about the process. Committing to the process and living life abundantly on the journey. Although it feels like I’ve been doing a whole lot of working and not a lot of living. I am like that, I get so set on what I’m working towards that I don’t want to stop until it’s done. When something comes up that could take me off course, even into possibly something fun, I sort of panic. If it doesn’t line up with my goal I’m out.
So this is what I want to do: 1. Be able to personal train clients locally and long distance 2. Take pictures of my life and share my experience along the way. 3. Finally, I want to lay in bed at night and blog. So that is what I’m doing. Honestly, I’m not too concerned with this blog being super professional. That is boring to read anyway. This blog is by no means going be my diary, but it will be an outlet to share real life. Expect some useful, ‘professional’ stuff too.
SO back to my business. As this has been taking shape I have been wanting to talk to my Dad, real bad. My daddy is in Heaven with Jesus for all you readers who don’t know, know me. He is very much responsible for my persistence in getting what I want. I realized that what I really wanted was just a pep talk. I always went to my Dad for re-assurance that I have what it takes. Never really for how to do things, I rarely did things his way anyway. What I really needed and what He gave me was the loving assurance that He believed in me. That always made me feel like I could do anything. Because if my Dad believed in me then anyone who got in my way was no threat and hey, maybe they could help me get what I want! I have been missing that strong voice telling me to GO FOR THE GOLD.
As I have been realizing that I miss my Daddy’s comforting assurance I have also noticed that I actually started to believe in what he saw all along. –> That I REALLY am a star and –> I REALLY do have what it takes. I can look in the mirror and honestly say I BELIEVE IN ME!

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