Zucchini Pizza Strips

Dreamed these up while on the elliptical, then I made them :). Crazy I hear they are the ‘craze’ because the recipe literally fell into my head! I mean, who doesn’t dream about zucchini pizza strips while jamming on the elliptical?! 🍕☺💚


1. Line baking sheet with foil
2. Pre-heat oven to 350
3. Cut zucchini into strips (mine are pretty thick) 3 strips/ zucchini
4. Place on baking sheet. Brush olive oil over strips
5. Sprinkle almond flour on top
6. Place tomatoes on next
7. Add shredded mozzarella
8. Shake basil and oregano on top to season
Bake for 12-20 mins
I think I left them in about 15 mins. That’s what I get for multi-tasking!!!



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