Healthy Tuna Salad

This is probably one of the quickest ways to have lunch ready for the week, in my opinion anyway. The only thing that takes any time is boiling the eggs and that can be done in 10 mins or less. Then all you have to do is dump and mix.
I have been perfecting this one for a while determined to get a combo that taste great, without using mayo. Also, Plain Greek yogurt tastes nasty to me in tuna salad 😝 I do however, love plain Greek yogurt mixed with pb2 and eat that almost every night!!
Anyway, I have been using a mix with non fat cottage cheese and sweet pickle relish…. WINNER WINNER!!! I actually never measure when I make it so I’m going to give this my best shot…


5-6 servings:
– 1 big can of tuna (or 4 small)
– 4 chopped hard boiled eggs
– 1 cup non fat cottage cheese
– 4 tbsp sweet pickle relish
– lightly season with: salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder

Easy breezy 🔆

💖Em Joy

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