The best Turkey Burgers ever!!!

These are seriously yum!! I change the recipe almost every time I make them, but it’s usually the same general thing. I’ll post the recipe below. Will be eating them this week with a spinach salad and brown rice.


– 1 lb ground turkey or ground chicken (I used turkey)
– 2 medium sweet potatoes cubed small
– 3 cups spinach, or kale
– 1-1.5 tbsp Dijon mustard
– 3 tbsp coconut flour
– 1 egg
– dash onion powder, dash garlic powder, dash sea salt

1. Cook the sweet potato in a skillet with coconut oil- about 10 mins stirring occasionally
2. Add spinach and cook another couple minutes
3. Dump all the other ingredients in a bowl
4. Add the sweet potato mix in the bowl and mix it all up by hand
5. Prepare foil lined cookie sheet
6. Make patties with hands and place on prepared cookie sheet, makes 6 or so
7. Put oven on broil, will take about 10 minutes each side



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