Some EM FITT style

Last month I had a little photo shoot for my new web site. I have been on overload the past two months trying to keep up with my current client load, starting the frame work of Em FITT Personal Training, and taking an online nutrition course. I have whined and complained probably way too much to those closest to me. My time is consumed with hours of studying on the weekend. At times I have literally been pulling my hair out trying to get through the material on time. I think the most useful thing I have learned during this process is how to program workouts and meal prep in a very efficient manner. And I thought I was good before!

I was so run down this whole project almost didn’t happen. It obviously ended up coming together, and EM FITT style started to emerge!!! I had a ball with my friend who is a sister to me taking photos and having dance party breaks. Follow her blog: ( Ronda defiantly knows me well and that I just needed to chill for an hour or so, talk it out and then it was time to party!! Girls are so complicated haha, I have a love/hate relationship with this reality. Learning to embrace the messy-ness of life, everyday. Yes that is an everyday thing! Letting go of control. Who’s with me!?!?


Some of my favorite things are:

BEANIES: for a bad hair day, a good hair day, and to add style and swag to everyday gym attire

CUTE GYM SHOES: high tops and asics. they have to be legit and good quality.  shoe style and comfort is a big deal.

JEAN JACKETS: of all kinds! love sleeve-less versions that are sort-of torn up and long sleeve will NEVER go out of style

PINK SHADES of LIP STICK: bright and barbe pink are must haves. a light shimmer with no eye make up when running out the door happens basically everyday.  cover girl does the trick although i’d be lying if I didn’t admit to leaving Ulta with the good stuff on occasion.  love that place!

LU LU LEMON: this is currently the best athletic wear out there. it’s worth every dollar and they are pretty great about helping you order with sizing on the different styles. im hooked, it’s an issue

SUNGLASSES: love them! they don’t have to be expensive. they get lost broken and thrown around. why waste the money when you can get the same look for under $10. my walmart shades definitely made this a million dollar shoot. who knew!?



I’m thinking a winter shoot is in order 💪😋 Until next time!


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