Savory sweet potato meat loaf

This is absolutely delish! The sweet potato and cinnamon seem like an odd combo for meat loaf, I’m aware. You’ll have to try for yourself. You probably won’t be sorry :).
I’m serving with steamed broccoli and red quinoa. Just realized I forgot to put water in the steamer with the broccoli…Ha nice! Recipe below.


– 2.5 Lb lean ground beef (I used 1.5 to make 2 mini’s so it up to you how much you want to make)
-1 medium sweet potato shredded
-1 sweet yellow onion finely chopped
-1 lb uncured bacon
-1 cup almond meal
-2 eggs
-1/2 tea cinnamon
-1 tea garlic powder
-1 tea onion powder
-salt and pepper

1. Preheat oven to 400
2. Prepare onion and bacon. Cut 1/2 the lb of bacon into bite size pieces. Once fat has started to rise add onion.
3. Put beef in big mixing bowl
4. Shred sweet potato and add to bowl with beef
5. Cook bacon through till onions are translucent
6. Add to bowl with beef when done
7. Add almond meal, eggs, and seasoning to bowl
8. Mix with hands and form meat loafs
9. I put them on a rack to drain the fat while cooking. Bake 40-45 mins


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