Thoughts become things

It’s true!

So I’m going to let you in on a little secret.. I set my morning alarms to say positive things, like….

Haha, seeing as I don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed it sets my first waking thought to a good note. Usually they are a couple of words that are reminders of promises God has been whispering in my ear. Generally, they are things that are personal only between me and Him, those I won’t share :). I will share this morning I woke up to ‘His mercies are new everyday’. Good thing, right?!?

It makes me sick to my stomach when I see girls setting alarms that are rude reminders to themselves through out the day filled with horrible self talk. I can’t even name examples because it makes me too mad. Ok I’ll name one example, “get up and workout your fat”. That is the enemy of your soul (the devil) getting you to believe lies and it’s NOT okay to talk to yourself in a rude beaten down manner. After a while I find most people don’t even realize their thoughts are filled with that junk because it becomes normal and in a twisted way a means to cope and comfort. No wonder its so hard to maintain any kind of healthy lifestyle when all you hear is unhealthy thoughts!! Or no wonder your current fitness routine has become an un-ending core!!!

Side note: I’m not perfect at this. I obviously need help and reminders everyday. I easily forget how weak and dependent on God I am.
He makes me strong. He makes me brave. He gives my life purpose.

God is for you and sees you as perfect just the way you are. He motivates through love and forgiveness to help you make better choices. Yes, maybe you have some weight to lose to become a healthier version of you, but God is not going to tear you down or remind you of past failures. Listen to the voice of truth that says you were bought at the highest price on the cross.
💖Let that voice direct your steps and see what happens
💖Line up thoughts with scripture and you will KNOW that you are hearing God!!
💖Start to BELIEVE it and watch what God does 🙂
That’s the coolest thing EVER!!

Have a great day 😉


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