Meal prep: how to

Y’all it’s really not hard!!

Some starters to keep in mind or else it becomes hard:

– choose two meals that you are going to make

– chose the meals that you are away from home or will be busy working from home and need to grab on the run (we are all busy right?!)

– have a plan for those that you have some time to prepare. What are you going to make? Maybe chop up the veggies ahead of time for easy assembly

– make a list for the meals you decide to make to take to the store with you. I am usually working on my list or thinking of ideas through out the week. Gotta be one week ahead on the planning, it’s part of the process 🙂

– decide when you will make time to prepare the meals. If you have a busy weekend choose meals that are quicker and don’t take as much time slicing and dicing!!

recipes for both of these are posted in previous posts, just search the name

1. Almond Parmesan crusted Salmon, roasted broccoli, and brown rice


2. Zucchini Sweet Potato pancakes, spinach salad, dressing is in little zip locks (had to take that part out bc those are not cute for a picture 😉


3. I like to make some healthy treats. This week I chose PB protein cookies 😋


4. Not pictured for breakfast and other parts throughout the day: hard boiled eggs, grapes, baked sweet potatoes, overnight oats, quest bars, frozen bananas, and individual protein packs for post workout recovery shakes. Eggs are pealed and grapes are picked off the stems and stored in mason jars 👍🍇

5. Later this week I will make spaghetti squash with ground turkey meat. That is quick and not stressful to make one night after work.

Who else meal preps?? Share ideas in comments!! 👇👇👇


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