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WooHoo Em FITT Personal Training is on FB. I have been a NASM certified personal trainer since 2004. I also am a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specislist.

Follow on FB to see some live action going on at the gym and stay connected with the latest in Em FITT!

Once you like my page go ahead and INVITE (just click the invite button located on the page) some friends that would benefit from a little motivation and training tips that change lives and bring actual results !!! Real life, real people… Livin’ life FITT!!!

My goal is to create a community that has an atmosphere full of: love, laughter, acceptance , and inspiration!!! It is my highest priority to provide information that is helpful to achieving YOUR fitness goals!!


Thank you to all who support Em FITT and contribute to the community!!

Much appreciation,


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