50 shades of pink

or 50 shades of grey?  When i first heard the buzz on this and caught glimpses, it had no place on my radar.  I took no interest in what it was even about but now I’m seeing people rave about it.  Posts are popping up on my news feeds with people loving it and hating it.  I briefly read and watched reviews, just to stay in the know.  I’m seriously going to be the last person to judge you for watching or not watching a movie.  How anyone chooses to live their life is their choice.  I have a good friend who would always tell me ‘it’s your choice’ after telling me the truth on the matter.  She was always right and it would usually piss me off.  I’m grateful for friends speaking the truth in love to me, I need that in my life and treasure these kingdom relationships.  Anyway, here is a link to a related post that pretty much summarizes my thoughts exactly on the this (if you care to know):

Christian Women and Christian Grey 

To the girl who wrote Christian Women and Christian Grey :  Rock on sister, thank you for taking the time to shine light on this!  I think it’s safe to say what you put in your mind is what comes out.  In thoughts, behavior, decisions, words, and choices.  Think about it.  Thoughts become things regardless of what you claim to put your faith in.

If I want godly friendships and ultimately a godly marriage I’m going to guard what I put in.  Really, I don’t have much time for free reading or television and the only reason I’m even talking about 50 shades of grey is because I have something to say about 50 shades of pink.  It’s kinda catchy.  So since you are reading my blog and I LOVE PINK we are going to talk about 50 shades of pink.


This is a picture I snapped during the week as I was rushing out of the house.  50 shades of pink everywhere, love love love!!!  I knew God was speaking to my heart and I didn’t want to miss the message in the midst of busyness.  I live with a family that has taken me in as their own.  The mom heads up a ministry that goes into the local strip joints in town bringing the girl’s gift bags for holidays.  This year with valentines day on a Saturday they got to hang with them on the actual day.  The girls love when the ministry team comes and the owners of the joints allow it, true story.  I have gone in before and gotten to know some of the girls.  We make friends with the ladies, while they are in the dressing room back stage.  Yes, most of them are naked and getting ready to go out on the floor.  I’m always so reminded of God’s love for me whenever I think about these outings.  His love that is unconditional.  Not based on my performance and not based on anything I can or will do.  How God comes and loves us right where we are at and gives us gifts Matthew 7:11, and who’s number one priority is to be in relationship with us.  Gods best gift of all being Jesus dying on the cross to put us in right relationship with him.  Loving us right where we are at, in the pool of our own sin.  It’s pretty sad because most of these girls don’t WANT to be doing this but it pays the bills.  Is in wrong, YES.  Can God provide a way to pay the bills that doesn’t include stripping, YES.  I will be the first to admit, although I have not worked in a strip joint, I might as well have.  The way I used to live was pretty similar and I went to great lengths to get the desires of my heart met from men.  This seems like ages ago and he’s done such a work in my heart throughout the past 10 years.  People that know me now hardly believe some of the stories from my past.   That’s the thing, it’s the past and I’m not going back.

Years later, I so easily forget about the true nature of Gods love.  When I am talking to someone else I can easily believe the truth of Gods love for them, and say with confidence “Oh, how He loves you!”  I can say that for you, but why do I not believe it for myself?  It’s like the story of Jesus turning water into wine.  We’ve all heard about it.  If you haven’t, Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding celebration and THEN the disciples believed.  So point being, it is possible to be a disciple and have unbelief.  The disciples knew Jesus, knew the truth, but didn’t believe the truth until they saw it.  Oh how often are we these unbelieving disciples???  This is so heavy on my heart I can’t escape it.  I believe it’s Gods heart as well.

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1.  

So I’m reminded.  By 50 shades of pink bags full of gifts.  His gift of unconditional love, that 50 shades of grey doesn’t even come close to matching.

Jesus meets all our needs, and His love won’t leave us disappointed.  I pray you are touched by His love as you continue your day.  peace and pink XOXO

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