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Hello to all you people wanting to be cleansed!  We are talking the gut here people, Jesus is the real master cleanser of it all…no product needed!

Anyway, those of you that know me, know I do one of these about every 90 days.  I’m hooked and I would not promote a product I did not believe in 100%.  The only thing I’m not 100% a fan of is the artificial sweetener in the peaches and cream fiber drink BUT the unflavored option has no artificial sweeteners if you want to be hard core.  NO you aren’t running to the toilet all day, YES you can eat during it and YES you will lose weight.  It’s a 10 day cleanse consisting of taking a probiotic before breakfast.  Then drink the fiber drink with breakfast.  I will only drink peaches and cream flavor, there is also unflavored or citrus(gross).  Last take the herbal tablets before bed.  All day long eat a healthy diet.  I get asked a lot what to eat and what not to eat?  I’m going to include a sample day of what I eat while cleansing  and some DO’s and DONT’s.

Example day:

Meal 1: 3-4 egg whites, 1 cup lightly sauteed zucchini and diced red onion.

1/4 cup oats with stevia and cinnamon

Snack- 1 cup grapefruit

Meal 2: 4-5oz chicken breast, 1 cup steamed mixed veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots

Snack- 1 serving whole grain snack crackers (not ideal but hey).  1 medium apple

Meal 3: typically post workout– protein smoothie with 1/2 frozen banana and 3 frozen strawberries (i like it like ice cream!)

Meal 4: 4-5oz lean ground turkey or baked fish, 4oz baked sweet potato, 1 cup steamed asparagus or green beans

Snack- 2 plain gram cracker sheets or 2 rice cakes.  greek yogurt (I break the rules here and have the dairy from the yogurt)

Unlimited fruits and veggies as snacks.  

Also, be creative y’all!  This is only a simple basic idea of what works for me.  Use the guidelines and find your own balance.

YES, I eat that many times on the cleanse or on any normal day!  My body knows it’s going to be fed which helps decrease overeating at any given meal.  Eating regularly keeps blood sugars steady, helps promote clearer thinking, and better performance durning workouts.

Some basic DO’s while cleansing:

  • lots of fruits and veggies
  • lean meats
  • whole grains
  • healthy fats in moderation (olive oil, nuts, avocados)
  • continue to workout
  • drink lots of water
  • protein powder is ok
  • Advocare spark is ok (i will use this as pre-workout)
  • BCAA’s are ok
  • unsweetened almond milk is ok
  • black coffee is ok

Some basic DONT’s while cleansing:

  • no alcohol
  • no refined sugars
  • no fried foods
  • no bottom floor fish (ex. tilapia or shrimp)
  • limit fats, no saturated fats (baked goods, red meats, cheese, milk)
  • stop taking multi-vitamins and other supplements (ex. fish oils)

It’s really not complicated.  Just eat healthy non processed foods.  The purpose of the cleanse is to rid the body of toxins to better absorb vitamins and other nutrients after.  Let’s be honest though, it feels great to be less bloated and lose those stubborn 5-10ibs!

For those of you who are unable to use this product or just want to get on a better track with your diet– It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use these guidelines with no product at all~  

Do you gain the weight back?  NO, as long as you maintain a reasonable diet and exercise program.  I personally after a couple months start eating too many cookies and ice creams and candies.  I’m in need of ditching those habits when my 90 days comes around.  Personal Trainers are human people!  So it’s all relative to your lifestyle, maintaining the weight loss is very doable!

To order see my Advocare page.  The cleanse is located under the WELL line of products and its called HERBAL CLEANSE SYSTEM.


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