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It’s been over a year since I’ve blogged, Holy cow! As I sit here in my cozy little apartment new ideas are popping into my head on how I can re-light EmFITT Personal Training. I started this business in 2014, providing my training services to clients online. My first blog post is so true, I felt like I was starting a lemonade stand! (click to read)

It’s wild to me that about five years later it’s still up and running, and it’s working!! I actually started online training about a year before emfitt.com was live, with one dedicated client that has been with me ever since!

I currently have my hands full with a full time personal training job in Shreveport, LA. My days are full and I’m beyond blessed! I also started a second side hustle as a Rodan + Fields Consultant. That has been by second best career move since starting EmFITT. Moving to Louisiana wasn’t so bad either, all part of God’s plan right?!

Recently, my load of online personal training and meal planning has increased! Since I don’t get to see you guys (that’s my Chicago accent coming out) in person I want to implement some fresh ideas to keep y’all connected and feeling a part of the EmFITT community. I think it will actually benefit everyone I’m working with to improve connection and motivation all across the board.

Side note: I can’t stress enough how important communication via text message is when workouts are complete, with feedback, for those of you using online programming! Also, weekly video check-in sessions with me. This is so so important to staying on track. It helps me provide better workouts and it’s accountability and connection on both our ends. End side note.

Sitting here talking about new ideas makes me kind of restless! I’m so much more of a doer rather than a talker. Planning is imperative to making ideas work so here is my brainstorming out loud…goal setting if you will…in blog form.

The idea that started this was possibly blogging my weekly meal prep menu, with recipes. I have full days during the week. I get up at 4/5am to spend time with the Lord and workout before work and then train from 8-4pm, mon-fri. Getting up early is new for me and also mind blowing because I never thought I’d be a morning person again. Been doing it for a couple months and I LOVE IT!!!!

Anyway, I think my meal prep is boring and simple, but I’m also thinking a few of you may benefit from seeing it written out. Back in Tyler days I had more time to play in the kitchen, I have a lot of those recipes in previous blog posts! Anyway, full time hours has changed that and I’d like to share how I do it from week to week! Meal prep is something I do, non-negotiable like brushing my teeth so would be an easy way to share inspiration without adding a new project to my already busy schedule. Anyone interested in this?!

Some other ideas swimming around my head:

  • Post Community Homework: Will be different types of workouts, not applicable to meet everyone’s needs. Basically a free workout in addition to personalized programming. You pick and choose what ones you want to add to your program!
  • Post blogs that I have saved as drafts, they are actually really good! I really want to write a book, it’s gonna happen!
  • Community video pep talks!!! Yeah?!?! I feel this one burning in my spirit and it will be out of my comfort zone, hold me accountable guys!
  • Exercise spotlight, simply choosing one exercise and highlighting the correct form and benefits.

That’s all I got for now! Will be working on this. As it starts to unfold participation and posted feedback will be beyond appreciated.

Big thank you to those who choose to ‘Get Fit with EmFITT’. I value every client/trainer relationship I have! I’m always learning and want to continue to grow with you and the rest of the health and fitness community!

Love and blessings,


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