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PB Cup Blondies

Hi blog! It’s been a while! I have a lot of ideas and plans for you, thank you for being patient with me. First I will show you some love with these seriously good ‘you may eat the whole pan’ blondies 😍 Ingredients: – 4 1/2 cups gluten free oats – 6 ripe bananas – 1/2 cup natural PB or… Read more →

Savory sweet potato meat loaf

This is absolutely delish! The sweet potato and cinnamon seem like an odd combo for meat loaf, I’m aware. You’ll have to try for yourself. You probably won’t be sorry :). I’m serving with steamed broccoli and red quinoa. Just realized I forgot to put water in the steamer with the broccoli…Ha nice! Recipe below. Ingredients: – 2.5 Lb lean… Read more →

New plates

I’m pretty much crawling out of my skin super excited about my new PINK plates!!! I’m also excited to add a non-food related post! I know, they look amazing!! Like you would think I just got a diamond or something I was smiling so big… So as Erik finishes putting on the front side he goes to the back, gets… Read more →

Zucchini Pizza Strips

Dreamed these up while on the elliptical, then I made them :). Crazy I hear they are the ‘craze’ because the recipe literally fell into my head! I mean, who doesn’t dream about zucchini pizza strips while jamming on the elliptical?! 🍕☺💚 Recipe: 1. Line baking sheet with foil 2. Pre-heat oven to 350 3. Cut zucchini into strips (mine… Read more →